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The IT market today is very extensive and diverse. In the same way, there are projects that are different in scope and specific requirements. And sometimes the optimal, basic minimum is enough for the project implementation. For such purposes Econo-Line had been developed and is the perfect solution. It brings the opportunity to save money and not overpay where it is possible.


Econo-Line was designed as a cost optimized solution including the main required parts and this is the main distinguishing feature of this brand. In the process of manufacturing products under the Econo-Line trademark, all components are optimized to reduce the costs of a ready-made solution: from components and materials to production and logistics processes. As a result, some processes may take longer time and products will require longer delivery. The priority of Econo-Line is the best performance-price ratio.


All products under the trademark Econo-Line have even basic certification and meet basic standards. For detailed information, see the description for a specific product.

It is important to consider

Econo-Line solutions are not intended as the first choice for use in projects with increased security requirements and complex technical requirements, such as airports, hospitals, some types of commercial real estate, government agencies. It is important to keep in mind that Econo-Line solutions are suitable for various kinds of cabling projects but not for all!

For questions regarding equipment, stock availability and delivery times, please contact sales@econoline-cabling.com