Manufacturing process

In the process of manufacturing products under the Econo-Line trademark, all components are optimized to reduce the costs of a ready-made solution. As a result, some of these processes may take longer time. Basically, all production processes are organized in factories in China. In any case, we try to ensure the best performance-price ratio.


In information technology, as in other areas, certification is a formal process to ensure that a product or solution meets specific requirements. The certification process involves passing a certain procedure, which is controlled by special organizations. This is a guarantee of quality, but, on the other hand, high requirements for equipment are not always justified, because in practice, projects are different.

Moreover, passing the certification and recertification procedure can lead to cost increase. And, as it was said, some projects need simpler solutions. Therefore, we are trying to find a balance. All products under the trademark Econo-Line have even basic certification and meet basic standards. For detailed information, see the description for a specific product.


System Warranty

A system built on the basis of Econo-Line solutions is not eligible to receive a system warranty, since it is initially assumed that these are not complex systems, in simple projects, where this is not necessary. For projects such as airports, hospitals, some types of commercial real estate, government agencies and other projects with high safety requirements, we recommend considering a different solution that includes a 25-year system warranty. (link to Econo-Line)

We would like to draw your attention that the system built on Econo-Line solutions, can be installed properly and in compliance with all installation standards. So it can meet all the requirements for a system guarantee in terms of quality. The only point is that there is no possibility of obtaining this document. In order to choose the right solutions for building a high-secure structured cabling system, please contact our team.


Logistics and product delivery are the costs that we try to optimize, because this can greatly affect the final product price. Therefore, there may be different delivery times and there may be a case of the product being absent in stock. So the planning in advance option is the best way. Although we try to ensure that the most requested solutions are always available. For detailed information, please contact our team.